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Helane Lipson
 Intuitive Astrologer  / Spiritual Counselor
A highly skilled and gifted advisor, astrologer, Certified Special Education Teacher, and Licensed Therapist, Helane has been offering intuitive individual, family and marital counseling services for over 20 years. Originally from Long Island, NY, Helane is a graduate of Ithaca College (B.A.) and Syracuse University (L.M.S.W) and is by training, temperament and substantial experience, an empathic and deeply caring person who has assisted many through troubled times. 
In her practice, Helane has helped clients connect with what is most real and essential in their lives. With humor, insight and compassion she gently challenges the unnecessary limitations that people believe regarding who they are and what they can have.  She has been honored to work with many individuals who have had the courage to face the challenging deep subconscious messages that guard the gates to the treasures of their real creative self.
(561) 445-1435
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